2018 Models and Prices



A tough working canoe of incredible beauty, the Guide is well known for its wonderful reliability over so many water conditions. It will carry heavy loads with ease through churning rapids or across a windy lake. It is stable and easy to paddle. Outside oak stems, woven rawhide seats, long decks, and stem rings are standard equipment. Because your canoe is entirely handmade, the weight, optional keel, depth of canoe, bow-height, optional sail thwart, and thwart placement can be specified to fit your individual needs.

LOA     LBS       Beam   Cap.      Price

15'      55 - 60 lbs   35"   680 lbs  $5,930

16'      60 - 65 lbs   35"   750 lbs  $6,020

17'      70 - 75 lbs   36"   900 lbs  $6,140

18'      75 - 80 lbs   36"  1000 lbs  $6,390



Based on the lines from Bill Mason's favorite river running canoe. A shallow arched floor and significant rocker (3") combined with deep walls make this canoe highly maneuverable and dry in rough water conditions.

LOA       LBS        Beam      Cap.         Price

16'    65 - 70 lbs   36"     1000 lbs   $6,140

17'    70 - 75 lbs   36"     1200 lbs   $6,390



A fine canoe for family campers and fishermen, the square stern can be paddled or sailed with ease, and it can really move under outboard power. Unlike a V-stern, this transom is designed to make the canoe travel fast and level with increasing power. Basically the same reliable craft as the Guide, it has an extra layer of fiberglass for more strength. Solid wood stern seat, woven rawhide bow seat, sail thwart, 3/4" keel and painter ring are standard equipment.

LOA       LBS      Beam        Cap.        Price

15'         80 lbs      36"      800 lbs     $6,140

16'         85 lbs      36"      900 lbs     $6,280




This little canoe is perfect for the single fisherman, hunter, or river explorer. Designed to perform at its best on swift streams and rivers, the full volume hull has ample rocker and a shallow vee cross-section. It is highly responsive to the paddle, and is a most seaworthy small canoe. The standard canoe has a center carrying thwart, adjustable woven rawhide seat and painter rings.

LOA     LBS      Beam      Cap.        Price

13'       50 lbs      32"       400 lbs    $5,620




A fast, graceful canoe, the solo is a one-person lake touring craft. With a straight keel line and a shallow arch bottom, this wonderfully portable little canoe is a straight tracking delight to paddle across open water. It is equipped with a center carrying thwart, and adjustable woven rawhide seat and painter rings. This is a high performance craft for the experienced canoeist.

LOA    LBS      Beam        Cap.            Price

14'     40 lbs      30"        380 LBS       $5,620




A delightful small canoe outfitted with two woven rawhide seats and a center carrying thwart. This canoe is designed for the young paddler to enjoy the freedom of mastering their own paddling adventure. From gentle streams to lakes and lily pad filled ponds this canoe responds perfectly to young paddlers.

LOA      LBS        Beam     Cap.          Price

12'        35 lbs        30"      250 lbs      $5,500



A minimal and lightweight canoe designed to provide access to remote paddling gems.

LOA     LBS         Beam     Cap.          Price   

12'         25 lbs       30"      250 lbs     $5,100 



Our pleasurable lake and ocean touring craft. They streak through the water with ease, even with a big load of camping gear aboard. The interior is open and unobstructed by bulkheads or ribs. Cargo is stowed in float bags for easy access and safety. The 16' and 18' TK1 have a single 37" by 17" cockpit protected by a flared coaming that will accept a spray cover. Standard equipment includes an adjustable woven rawhide seat and backrest, and bow and stern carrying hand holds. The 20' TK2 can have a single large cockpit for two paddlers, or two individual cockpits.

LOA       LBS            Beam             Price

16'        40 lbs             24"            $5,220

18'        45 lbs             24"            $5,450

20'        65 lbs             29"            $6,100



A fun, lively kayak that tracks well in flat water and has moderate rocker to have nice maneuverability  when the need arises.  A wider beam than our 16' and 18' kayaks allows for good volume in a shorter boat.

LOA      LBS.       Beam.      Cap.      Price  

13'        35 lbs.      28"        250 lbs   $4,720



A classic rowing and sailing craft with beautiful lines, a plumb bow, and wineglass transom. With oar or sail power the Swan Lake Skiff glides effortlessly through the water. The SLS comes in two lengths to accommodate your capacity needs. Both sizes are outfitted with two rowing stations, a long deck, stern sheets, daggerboard trunk, and mast step.

LOA      LBS          Beam       Cap.         Price

14.5'    130 lbs        54"     632 lbs       $8,100

16.5'    150 lbs        54"     898 lbs       $8,900




The all - around designed boards perform great in conditions from glassy lakes to ocean surf. Engineered with a completely hollow core and a cedar skin that is fiberglassed inside and out, these boards are light, stiff, and responsive. Our beautiful SUP's come complete with a foam traction pad, ergonomic carrying slot, performance fiberglass fin, waterproof automatic vent plug, and leash cup.

LOA       LBS                Beam      Thickness        Price

10'6"   28 - 30 lbs     30.00"            5.25"           $3,150

11'        30 - 32 lbs     30.125"         5.25"           $3,265

11'6"   32 - 34 lbs      30.25"           5.25"           $3,380

12'        34 - 36 lbs      30.375"        5.25"           $3,495



Canoe Paddle                                            $195

Kayak Paddle                                            $275 

SUP Paddles                                              $285

8' spoon blade SLS oars (pair)         $450

Lateen Sail Kit for canoes                  $1,500

Gaff rigged SLS complete sail kit   $2,200

Custom wood inlays                              $600

Hand painted graphics     

price varies with complexity and size but generally $100 to $600

Lateral design strip                                $100

Woven rawhide canoe seat                $100

Trestle Style Display Stand                   $450