There are many advantages you’ll enjoy when you go first class with a Morley Cedar Strip Canoe.  To begin, you will have a boat that stands out from the rest with its beautiful, yet hand crafted appearance.  The carefully designed smooth flowing lines and built-in durability can give you a lifetime of superb canoe experience.  Through the years, we have made canoes for people all over the United States and have some scattered internationally.  Before each order, we have found our customers often ask the same questions.  The following questions and answers should help you in your decision to own a Morley Canoe.

Do your canoes cost more than others?

Sometimes.  A cedar strip canoe costs more than mass produced plastic and metal canoes because each one is hand made. Along with this, they are all custom made for the specific wants and needs of each customer, making them unique and truly one of a kind.  Among cedar strip canoes our price offers the best value.

What makes your canoes a good investment?

Time.  There are many factors that make a Morley Canoe a great investment, but we believe time is the most crucial.  As long as the canoe is taken care of, it will hold it's value and continue to perform over the years, while also maintaining its original beauty.  These boats are exquisite works of craftsmanship and are superbly functional.  A Morley Canoe boat is a prized possession for those who prefer the very best.

Can you be specific about quality?

Beginning with design, our canoes are shaped and put together to give optimum performance on the water.  Only the highest grade of dried western red cedar is selected from local and Pacific Coast sources.  Laminated stems are made from white ash.  Seats, gunwales and thwarts are made from select hardwoods.  Close attention is paid to eye appeal throughout the construction; subtle colors of the woods are displayed to the best advantage.  Two layers of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth are hand laid on the outside of the hull and a layer of 6 oz. inside.  The outside is carefully sanded very smooth to receive a glass-hard shiny surface of clear polyurethane finish.  All metal fasteners are made of silicon bronze or stainless steel.  The end result is a true piece of uniques craftsmanship.

Are these canoes easy to maintain?

Yes.  If you wax the canoe once or twice a year and keep it under cover during the off season, it will keep its new look for many years.  In the event of damage to the boat, it is easy and inexpensive to repair.

How long does it take to get the boat once ordered?

Sometimes within six months, but generally up to a year.

How can I get a Morley Canoe?

To place an order you will need to call or email us and specify the canoe, kayak, skiff, SUP, or rowing shell you want.  We require a $300 non-refundable deposit at the time of your order.  Most people pick their boats up here when they are finished, but we can arrange delivery to many areas in the U.S. for a moderate cost.